The limited Marimekko for Clinique lipstick collection fascinates with a bold coloured packaging range.

This is for the wild ones. The forward thinkers. The ones who embrace diversity and individuality. And the ones who love bright colours and poppy patterns. Please enter the world of Marimekko & Clinique.

Sometimes you have to say it out loud. Watch the young natural cosmetics label STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME and see how minimal design can deliver a huge message.

Tadda… Munich is ready for the 181st Wiesn and despite the importance of wearing a traditional Bavarian Dirndl, the ladies have to get their matching make-up done. Thank God, M.A.C. makes it happen.

Now is the time we can make ourselves comfortable without guilt. Works best with the Aesop gift kit as this is too pretty to give it away as a present.

The new WARSTEINER art collection is hitting the shelves. With a colourful mix of figure-designs, various shape and colour elements it is a sequel to the first Art Collection in 2013.

New year should start with a big boom of confetti, lots of sparkles and ... bubbly water of course.

What is our elixir of life, what keeps us young? According to Diane von Furstenberg, it’s love and water which is why she captures the words on the bottle.

In anticipation of the festive season, we have collected our five favourite cosmetic kits that will serve you well for Christmas.

Warsteiner’s alliance with the art world began three decades ago when Andy Warhol immortalised the popular Warsteiner tulip glass. This year the brewery continues its exciting art series

What’s best about Christmas? A thrill of anticipation, 24 times before Santa Claus enters the stage.  

The British are proud of their royals. In anticipation of the royal baby, we already prepared the right gift for William and Kate – sweets of Prestat.

Some brands are able to reinvent themselves and their packaging frequently without loosing their individual edge. Among them, the cosmetic brand Kiehl's, which cooperated with the Australian artist duo Craig x Karl.

Champagne … before it makes its way into the glass, the wine’s favourite place is the fridge. For that reason, Veuve-Clicquot transformed the packaging for their Yellow Label into an elegant and functional cooling box.

4711 – Echt Kölnisch Wasser created an artist edition to honour their 222th anniversary. See the two different sampless here.