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These days, all eyes are on London; not only due to Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph, but also due to the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge. In anticipation of the royal baby, we already prepared the right gift for William and Kate – sweets of Prestat. Sporting the British flag, PRESTAT’s ‘The London Truffle Box’ perfectly encapsulates a triumphant British spirit. Moreover, the packaging of the Queen’s official chocolatier gives a sensation of majesty through its strong colours and artistic prints. The gold foil stamping is well placed and is a marker of tradition and quality. 

The London Truffle Box 11 Prestat MAX

As one of the oldest chocolate brands in London, Prestat does not only understand how to handcraft high-quality chocolate, but also how to handle packaging design. Eversince the brand’s relaunch in 1998, Kitty Arden is in charge of the convincing images of the packaging, and she clearly does an excellent job. ‘The London Truffle Box’ makes a great gift for friends, in case you are willing to give it away!




PACKAGING & MATERIAL: Miyed coloured folding box

PRINTING METHOD & FINISHING: Direct print with gold embossing

LAYOUT: Limited edition with royal emblem and logo