The future of packaging is promising, but it's not sustainable. Where are the real game-changer? A plea to the industry.

Everybody talks about sustainability, but nobody truly changes the game. Why oh why?

Chocolate is delicious. Addictive. And now beautiful too.

Chocolate lovers used to be divided into two camps – Milka versus Ritter Sport – but now there's a whole host of brands, philosophies and flavours to tempt the tastebuds of those with a sweet tooth. With varieties from raspberry cream to almond butter to goat's milk, chocolate-making knows no bounds – and happily, the possibilities when it comes to packaging design are just as limitless. Which one is your favourite?

Following our first episode on HOW TO create packaging, look forward to reading part II!

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter and that are able to create something huge in the long run – As a matter of fact, details tell stories. Clinique counts on small changes that make a difference, not only when it comes to new product launches and developments.

Packaging says more than a thousand words. Make sure it tells the right things. We give tips on how to develop a convincing packaging.

It was about time for the worlds of fashion, music and cosmetics to join their forces and inspire each other.

Gosh, what a statement: Packaging is an advertising medium, says Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie (FFI). Fun fact: It is more valuable than print.

We present the last part of our packaging series HOW TO develop a packaging. Read and remember!

Free gifts… yay or nay? Many products carry on-packs as free samples during Christmas. Others can only be purchased in a bulk caliming the third piece is for free. But do we really like that? Let's elaborate on that issue.