Did you really think about a coffee diet? This packaging is too nice to quit on caffeine. But who was serious about this anyway?

Eight years young and already an icon of the fashion world – Moroccanoil loves the runway and is part of many beauty insiders’ home.

Fashion is not just fashion. It is part of your body that is experienced as a personal presentation of the self. Paris & Hendzel lives fashion and so should you.

These days intense colour palettes will enrich the beauty shelves of selected H&M stores making it more intriguing and expressive.

Expressive and charmingly over the top, the packaging from the new lingerie brand POM POM created by Reynold & Reyner agency for a fashion designer from Los Angeles.

Sometimes less is more. And sometimes more is more. Focusing on little information on front of the packaging and on many different bright and bold colours, Reynolds & Reyner combined both mottos when it comes to their outstanding design for Waldo Trommler Paint.

This autumn H&M will surprise us with a new beauty range. We have the preview of the packaging here.

Shortly before Christmas, Sony stages its new smartphone collection and it does not come alone. From dark green to mystic metallic tones to vibrant colours, Sony has something for everyone’s taste, and even offers a matching packaging and accessories collection.