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Sometimes you have to say it out loud. Watch the young natural cosmetics label STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME and see how minimal design can deliver a huge message. Their Christmas Kits are both, a great gift for family and friends, as well as a help for a good cause as they support the Good Water Project „DROP FOR CHANGE“ in Kenia.

Extravaganza and pomp means nothing northwardly the Elbe. The Hamburg brand
STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME focuses on delicate design with a loud message. The call to save water reminds us charmingly that it is pretty easy to act ecofriendly in everyday life. Further, the brand’s look communicates its 100% natural content.

Both limited Christmas sets combine the most popular products. The ALL NATURAL COSMETICS BAR SOAP CHRISTMAS EDITION consists of a new piece of soap in a handmade soap dish made from porcelain. Both products are perfectly placed within the box with the help of an inlay.

The ALL NATURAL COSMETICS LEMON HONEY CHRISTMAS KIT packages Lemon Honey Soap and the newly launched Lemon Honey Hand Balm for soft hands. Both products come in a dispenser.


PACKAGING MATERIAL: Gift box with inlay / Dispenser
PRINT & FINISHING: Direct Print / No Label Look
LAYOUT: Black & White Look


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