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A Trend Spotting kraft paper Packaging

First and foremost, corrugated cardboard has a reputation for its protective function which is why it is often used as shipping material. However, these days cardboard turns out to be a cool eye catcher in the store. We show how brands provide the boring material with a new look.

Attractive packaging made from cardboard or corrugated paper? Hell yeah. The following examples demonstrate how cardboard gets rid of its dusty image.

1. Who needs another bill in the post? With the subscription to Not-another-bill  you will receive a carefully curated & beautifully wrapped surprise present each month by mail. The package is decorated with different prints, is a true stunner and a smashing foretaste of what is to come.

2. A protective box as pretty as its product. Monkey 47 had send us ‘The Becher’ which was nicely wrapped in a newspaper and securely placed in a cardboard box with its unique monkey print. Many thanks, we have a coffee Becher every day.

3. Corrugated cardboard certainly spreads a feeling of nostalgia. Hence, Nook London chose a warm and romantic design for its ‘Nostalgia Lights’ collection.

4. The flacon of the Frisson de Verveine series from L’Occitane is already a true eye catcher, but its package is in no way inferior. Corrugated cardboard is combined with fresh green nuances and underlines the naturalness and purity of the product. Moreover, silver elements refine the package to its best.

5. Brouwerij Maximus shows to advantage in a sixpack made from carboard. The pack sports a print of a map which displays the location of the brewery telling a bit of dutch history at the same time. 

6.  Scotch Shrunk, the kids collection of Scotch & Soda appreciate constrast and detail with their tags. The black and casual lettering and the golden finishing makes a perfect combination.This is what cool looks like.