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Hologramme 3D Gradient MAX 12x


Part I

Vivid Colours & Soft Gradients

The season calls for bright and vivid colours. In the realm of photography as well as in the world of graphic design, candy colours are a fresh paint to old wallpaper. Used in big blocks it portrays a lively and original spirit that will leave a lasting impression. Those of you who prefer a softer touch of colour can make use of smooth gradients or coloured light, both of which create a soothing atmosphere. Their modern, yet calm appearance create the perfect background for the main subject.

Metallics & Holograms

Metallics and holograms are a great way to add depth and dimension by playing with surrounding light. Their rainbow reflections endow your designs with a stylish and funky look that instantly attracts attention. Bold young brands who love to stand out can use metallics all over their packaging. More traditional brands may prefer to use it in small doses and embellish their packaging with matte-shiny contrasts.

3D Still Life Modelling

However, the world is 3D and so are the designs of the future. Common design practices go through a digital update to enter the world of almost-reality. Although the designs only appear on paper or on screen, 3D sceneries and 3D still-lifes portray a powerful performance. Authentic detailing includes focus on shapes, materials and reflections, which establish dynamic and dimension. Another grand effect can be reached by putting 3D objects on same-colour backgrounds. It creates additional volume and makes the product well and truly pop.


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