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Ortigia Sicilia absorbs the best of sun-kissed Sicily and spreads it to the world. Since 2006 one is able to enjoy perfumes, cremes, lotions and bathing scents of the Florentine brand. The character that underlies the brand is first and foremost mirrored through its packaging. It reminds of the lush flora and fauna of the island's gardens and spreads a tropical touch due to Sicily's proximity to Africa. The pack and the bottles moreover sport the leopard of the Palazzo dei Normanni in Parlermo.

Working together with master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, founder Sue Townsend creates chemical-free formulations that are based on Sicilian ingredients such as blood oranges, lemons, olives, almonds, figs and pistachios. Sue Townsend had worked with natural flavours already when it came to her brand “Crabtree & Evelyn” which she also packaged very attractively and fittingly.



PACKAGING: Different bottles anf flakons with folding box as well as jars
Metallic embossing
Colourful visuals and a charmingly wild mixture of Sicily, the 70s and the Orient - as Ortigia as the Southeastern part of Sicily is also known as “la Sicilia Orientale”


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