Once summer hits us with all its perks and lots of sun, we definitely need the right refreshments lined up. Mono Tee promises a necessary cool-down as well as some healthy benefits as the herbal infusion is made “with mo fun no sugar” (short for Mono).

More than sweet is however the design of the freshly brewed and biological tea blend. Instead of a bottle, the brand decided to go for a yellow or green Tetra Pak design according to its flavour. Best part about it, the package is environmental-friendly just like the herbal tea itself. The low-calory summer drink can be purchased in two flavours: Lemongrass Apple Mint and Green Sencha / Ginger. So, go get your straws and slurp away, this is how we like to relax in August.

Mono Tee Gelb Freisteller MAX

Mono Tee Gruen StillLife MAX

Mono Tee Gruen Colors

Mono Tee Gruen Colors MAX



PACKAGING MATERIAL: Tetra-Pack, easy take-away
PRINT & FINISHING: Flexo printing
LAYOUT: Clean Design, focus on typography