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A Interview Krusmolle


As spring is spoiling us with sunshine, we fancy a glass of pure Dansih water and some exciting details about Krusmølle Kilde.

1.  Henrik, please tell us something about your company. What’s behind Krusmølle Kilde

Since Duke Hans The Older founded Krusmølle in 1561, the spring water has brought life and prosperity to the region. The rippling water in the basin at the spring source allowed for a wide variety of professions and became a focal point for residents. Today, Krusmølle’s beautiful historic buildings are no longer used as a mill. Instead they form a framework for a cultural melting pot, where the hosts Nina and Henrik Loff offer their guests, crafts, exhibits, culinary specialities, art gallery, restaurant and Café. But, the ancient spring jumps undeterred as it always has. When the people behind Krusmølle launched “Krusmølle Kilde”, the wide public experienced the unique taste of pure spring water direct from the spring itself. It became commercialised in 1561. A man built his house direct on the spring and used the water to produce brandy and he later founded a dairy – more info on our webpage

2. Obviously, we really like your packaging. How would you describe it in a few words? What was your inspiration for it and how does it communicate your brand story?

Inspiration  is ” less is more”. We tried with a girl but the shapes of her were too round. Then we tried with a man and the bag of a man  is more tight. (less is more ) and we wanted to use nordic style. Create a simple expression. We only have a few seconds to get our costumers attention, which demands a razersharp expression. He is a water-carrier.

3. Has it been difficult to turn your design idea into a shelf-ready product or are there any special packaging features that were difficult to realise?

It has not been that hard but is has been very expensive to create unique products. And at the same time I have been unsure about the decisions, bottle, design and bottling plant. Will our costumers like these things, we are creating…. Fortunately they did.

4. What do you think, to what extend do you have to focus on packaging and design in order to survive as a brand in a harsh retail environment?

It is important not to be comparable on the market but being able to create our own universe. We have tried to do our best and we are now fulfilling our way with success. Things to take on consideration is economy. We are a small manufacturer with limited funds. This natually sets limitations.

5. We are curious, will you soon surprise us with any new product / packaging launches?

Yes, we are soon launching a PET product.